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Statement E

Statement showing inflows of foreign currency through Exchange Houses
during the quarter ended_______
(Amount in US Dollars)
Name of Exchange house and country
No. of branches covered
Foreign currency received during last year ended December
Inflows of foreign currency during current year
Growth(+)/ deceleration
(-) between last quarter and the quarter under report (%)
Out flow foreign currency (amount)

Notes: (a)  In columns (5) to (8) inflows during the relevant quarter may be shown for the period beginning from the month of January each year. Just below these figures, please furnish in brackets data for the corresponding period of the previous year. The data in respect of Drawing Arrangements should cover inflow of funds both through RDA and Foreign Currency Drawing Arrangement.

            (b)    Foreign currency should be shown in US dollars only.

            (c)    Furnish amount (+) or (-) accompanied by an expression in percentage
        terms in  column (9).

(d)  This statement should be signed by Chief of International Banking
Department / Division of the Bank at Head Office, but not less than the  grade of a DGM.

(e)  Please attach separate sheets furnishing details of deviations from the
      requirements as per declaration at sr.no.(v), (vi), (vii), (viii), (ix) and (x) of (C) 1 of Annex-I wherever necessary.
Please also indicate the corrective action taken and the current status.

We hereby certify that

i)         The above information has been compiled with reference to actuals and excludes the transactions in the pipeline. 

ii)        The number of branches covered has increased from _______to _______since the submission of the last statement in view of the following reasons:

iii)        The growth/deceleration in the inflows of foreign currency is due to the following reasons.

iv)       The outflows reported above are on account of _______________ and have the approval of RBI vide its letter No. ________________dated ________________.

v)       The above accounts had all through in credit balances during the quarter under report:.

vi)       Funds in the accounts were sufficient to cover estimated pipeline transactions:

vii)      Our overseas branches have not extended any line of credit / advances to above/ any of the above exchange houses

viii)     We are regularly submitting the statements 'A', 'B',  'C',  and 'D' , as at Annex- III, Annex-IV, Annex-V and Annex-VI respectively to the top management.

ix)       We have not come across any adverse features about operations in the account of the above / any of the above exchange houses and / or the Rupee and/ or Foreign Currency Drawing arrangement with these Exchange Houses:

x)         We are keeping a close watch on the means and financial standing of the above exchange houses(s) and as on the date of this report we have no adverse observations on record with us to report to the Reserve Bank.

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Phone # 09811415831-37-61-72-84-92-94

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